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10 Benefits of Having a Baby Boy

Boys' clothes are simpler and less numerous than newborn girls' attire, which makes life much easier for new mothers. 

The Clothes

Young boys are typically quite active and full of energy.  Watching them explore the world is a wonderful joy (and maybe a little nerve-wracking).

His Energy Is Super Fun

The fit of your clothing is far more crucial than whether or not it is the newest style.  Even if you wear the newest fashion trends, you will still seem quite antiquated if they don't fit properly.

The No-Care Hair

No one can dispute the fact that baby boys have an especially strong bond with their mothers.  Call it the Oedipus complex if you must. Mamas, take advantage of that unwavering affection while it lasts!

Boys Love Their Mamas

 With a girl, you are expected to model appropriate female behaviour for her, for better or worse; same obligation does not apply to boys.

There's Less Pressure

 Baby nicknames frequently refer to a peculiarity or characteristic that your child has displayed and that makes you happy.  They're such a beautiful way to show your little man how much you care!

The Nicknames

Maybe you can spot the similarity in the pictures, or your boyfriend enjoys toy shopping and bringing home his favourite childhood favourites. 

A Window Into Your Hubby's Childhood

Whether you had access to it as a youngster or simply miss it, this is your chance to dial into the world of rough and tumble play.

A Chance To Play With "Boy" Toys

Ask any mother of a girl; it's simple to grow tired of everything being pink. But you never hear anyone express displeasure over having too much blue (or green, brown, or the other traditionally masculine colors).

There's No Pink

You won't be immune to the difficult adolescent years if you're a boy's mum, of course, but at least you won't have to worry about sharing a cycle.

No Cycles to Sync