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10 best apps for pet owners

This is for dog owners who are looking to commit to a full-service training plan. GoodPup does offer a weeklong free trial so you can try it out first.


Puppr offers informal dog training through an app with 100+ lessons, progress-tracking, live chat with trainers, and training videos by Sara Carson.


Get practical tips and tricks to understand your cat's behavior and train them with the Cat Training app.

Cat Training

American Red Cross' pet first aid app: step-by-step emergency instructions for pet owners, including CPR and hospital locator.

Pet First Aid

11pets covers all pet needs- store medical history, track vaccines, vet visits, weight, and nutrition. Accessible on multiple devices.


Pawprint: no more searching for pet's medical records. Enter info and app saves digital copy.


Airvet offers on-demand veterinary telemedicine for $30 per virtual call or monthly membership for 24/7 access to a veterinarian.


Pet Monitor VIGI app lets you monitor your pet remotely with two-way audio and video without the need for new hardware.

Pet Monitor VIGI

Keep your cat entertained with a virtual fishing game. Swipe to catch fish on the screen and activate your cat's prey drive for mental stimulation.

Cat Fishing 2

BarkHappy is social media for dog owners to find dog-friendly places and connect with others nearby. It also helps in finding lost dogs.