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10 Foods That Will Boost Your Mental Health

Salmon is the ultimate health fish. With high omega-3s linked to improved mental health & memory, it's a top choice.

1. Salmon

Chicken, a tasty lean-protein source, has tryptophan. It helps your body produce serotonin, essential for mood management & memory.

2. Chicken

Whole grains like beans, soy, oats, and wild rice are complex carbs that provide steady energy and boost brain function by aiding tryptophan absorption.

3. Whole Grains

Avocados have vitamin K & folate, protecting your brain from stroke, and lutein, linked to improved brain function, memory & focus.

4. Avocados

Leafy greens like spinach offer folic acid, a depression deterrent, improve sleep, fight dementia & promote brain health.

5. Spinach

Probiotic-rich yogurt reduces stress & anxiety while potassium and magnesium help oxygenate the brain, improving its function.

6. Yogurt

Nuts like cashews & almonds, high in omega-3s, magnesium & phenylalanine, improve brain function, mood, & fight depression.

7. Nuts

Extra virgin olive oil's polyphenols improve learning & memory, and remove proteins linked to Alzheimer's, but watch for purity.

8. Olive Oil

Tomatoes' lycopene fights Alzheimer's onset & progression, promotes brain health by improving memory, attention, & concentration.

9. Tomatoes

Dark chocolate's flavonoids boost attention, memory & mood, fight cognitive decline, but enjoy it in moderation.

10. Dark Chocolate