10 Legal Exotic Pets in Texas

Callitrichidae  This tiny darling"s height is of 9 inches.  It resembles a Pokemon in certain ways.

Capybara   In Texas, the world's largest rodent can be a pet, but provide ample space and chew toys to spare your furniture.

Sloth  These slow-moving creatures are friendly, but need climbing surfaces and protection from predators. Many cities in Texas provide such environments. 

Lemur  In in Texas, King Julius from Madagascar is suitable for pets.

Asian Leopard Cat  The Asian Leopard Cat is not a typical feline and can be aggressive. It may harm your other pets, so be cautious. 

Kinajou  These ferocious beasts share ancestry with raccoons. They are kept as pets in Texas, Mexico, and Brazil.

Spotted genet  This unusual cat has a raccoon-meets-cuteness hybrid appearance.

Bush baby  Bush babies are cute and legal to own in Texas, but finding a vet may be difficult and expensive. Be prepared for significant medical costs.

Coatimund i The lifespan of this bear-like creature in captivity is 16 years.

Cougars  Cougars may attack if startled and can venture into human neighborhoods in desperate times. They are not interested in younger males, except for lunch.