10 myths about Leos that are 100% false

Leos are commonly thought to be attention seekers, but this is not true. The Leo woman loves attention, but not too much. Rather than a whole room of strangers, Leos prefer the attention of one person.

People love Leos.

Leo doesn't necessarily want to be treated like a queen. As a queen, she expects respect. This desire to be respected isn't divalike - Leo simply demands the same respect she gives others.

Queen treatment is what they want.

Passion isn't the same as drama. Leos don't talk about people behind their backs. Leo makes passionate arguments, sometimes offending people without intending to.

They thrive in drama.

Leos are total control freaks. 

Leos let other people take control of situations if they seem capable. Since they love solving problems, they often take charge if no one else does. Leos listen to others and let them take control if they want to.

A Leo can be cold as ice.

Let's not let Leo's cold exterior fool you. Although they don't show their emotions, Leos care about those around them.Although they don't show their emotions, Leos care about those around them.

They're very picky.

In order to be difficult, Leos aren't picky. Usually, they know what they want and don't want to settle for less.

They're selfish. 

Leo woman is driven and focused. Despite her seeming self-serving actions, her real goal is just to live her dreams and be her best self.

Leos are social butterflies.

Leos are not necessarily great socially just because people like them. A Leo woman is usually shy, introverted, and to herself most of the time, making it hard for her to connect with others.

They're incredibly arrogant.

Others can feel intimidated by Leo's confidence. Leos are comfortable in their own skin, know what they want, and have strong opinions.

The Leo zodiac sign has expensive taste. 

Quality is important to Leos, but not always. They have expensive taste when it comes to things that enrich life, not necessarily luxury cars and handbags.