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10 Negative Impacts Technology on Business, that you should know 

Reduced face-to-face communication due to technology hinders collaboration and productivity in the workplace.

Face-to-Face Communication Decrease

Protecting business data is crucial for success, but hackers pose a threat. Computers and the internet make security challenging.

Hacking and Stealing of Business Data

Excessive dependency on technology decreases creativity and innovation in the workplace, making employees useless without it.

Modern Technology Dependency

Costly modern technology is a disadvantage for small businesses as they cannot afford to stay up-to-date.

Expensive Technologies

Tech usage is beneficial but staff often misuse it. Watching videos on YouTube reduces productivity and wastes company time.

Modern Technology Wastage of Time

Modern technology is the biggest distraction in the workplace. Employees often use it for entertainment instead of working, reducing productivity.

Distraction in Working

Training employees for modern technology usage in business is difficult, as new technologies have different uses. This impacts businesses.

Training of the Employees

Modern technology facilitates employee fraud and disloyalty, as it enables easy access to and sharing of business secrets with competitors.

Employees Cheats Through Technology

Maintenance of technology is expensive for businesses, as it requires professionals to fix errors and bugs.

Maintenance Problems