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10 pet friendly destination in India


Goa is a blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures.  The sun, sea, sand, seafood, music, and spirituality sweeten Goa's whole mood. Overall, Goa can be considered as India's little piece of heaven.


Delhi genuinely demonstrates how a trip through time is justified! With roots in the Mughal Empire.  Monuments, fast-paced way of life, and busy streets and back lanes.


Puducherry is a charming tiny town on India's southern coast that is removed. The distinguishing feature includes the distinct French architecture, tree-lined streets, colonial heritage buildings.


The state of Karnataka offers the ideal fusion of glistening palaces and ruins, national parks, beaches, yoga studios, and tourist hotspots.


 Prayers, bells, drums, and religious melodies from the several temples are resonating throughout the town.  The town of Pushkar has a unique magnetism that draws both young and old.


Ooty, popularly known as Udagamandalam, has an enchantment that is unmatched for mountain lovers. Anybody looking for a gorgeous setting to unwind should head to Ooty.


A web of shimmering backwaters, and a scattering of jealously protected wildlife reserves and cool hill towns.  Indeed, it is a world away from the craziness of the rest of India.


A charming little settlement hidden away in the hills of Uttrakhand.  The location has the ability to lull you into a trance-like condition where all you want to do is lay down in the shade of nature.


The "Queen of Hill Stations," Mussoorie, perches on a ridge 2 km high and boasts the greatest views of the far-off, white-capped Himalayan peaks and the lush Doon Valley.


Manali is an adventure-filled destination that is surrounded by tall peaks in the breathtaking Beas valley.  Manali has also made a name for itself as one of the few pet-friendly tourist destinations in the travel industry.