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10 Popular Software as a Service Products

Office 365 provides and expands the workplace suite’s parameters. It also offers a version of MS Office which is cloud-based.

Microsoft Office 365

Box offers an online workspace for businesses to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and at any time, and you can share large files via a traditional link.


Google Apps provides custom professional email, calendar, and Meet application.  It also offers cloud-based document storage in Google Drive.

Google Apps

Amazon also provides on-demand cloud-based IT resources and applications for the company, and access to the services is only available if you pay for them.

Amazon Web Services

Concur is software that businesses use to track their employees' travel expenses.  Users can automate travel expenses and keep track of all reports.


It allows us to tackle inbound client requests across different communications channels such as email, the web, and social media.


DocuSign’s e-signatures are used in different virtual transactions across the globe.


Dropbox helps its users to access their files globally from anywhere and also keeps their files and documents safe at their fingertips.


Slack is a communication platform.  It allows us to do real-time messages and improvise business communication.


Salesforce is mostly known for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products, and it allows businesses to collect all the different information about their customer.