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10 signs of Healthy Relationship

Respect each other

Even if you don't share your partner's hobbies or needs, respect them nonetheless.  Differences are welcomed and accepted in a good partnership.

Trust one another

Trust is the foundation of happy partnerships.  Trustworthy partners are predictable, faithful, and reliable.

Communicate well as a couple

Even when talking about challenging subjects, speaking and listening are essential components of good communication in relationships.

Both committed to the relationship

A 2020 assessment of relationship research found that feeling your partner is dedicated to the relationship is the best indicator of a successful union.

Kind to each other

Healthy relationships involve care, compassion, and kindness, even during disagreements.

Enjoy each other’s company

Couples love shared hobbies like binge-watching, working out, and date evenings but also need their own interests and time apart.

Support each goals

"It's important that your partner believes in your aspirations.  Even if you have different expectations for the future, support one another in following your hobbies."

Make decisions together

In healthy relationships, couples listen to one another and make decisions together that they both can live with.

Friends and family support

Notwithstanding your personal opinion, take into account why loved ones who believe your relationship is harmful suggest being single.

Feel supported and cared for

In healthy relationships, you feel peaceful, in control, and safe.  A healthy relationship is indicated by a spouse who consistently demonstrates caring and support.