10 Burgundy Nail Ideas for Fall Manicures

This is because the shade has range and versatility. As a universal color, it’s as ideal for seasonal designs as it is for solid sets. 

Changing up the tips of a French manicure has proven to be the easiest way to update this classic design.  

Though burgundy hues are alluring on long extensions, the shade is undeniably stunning on shorter nails. With a natural length, opting for a gel manicure instead of basic nail polish 

Look no further than this gradient design that effortlessly fades black polish into burgundy. Similar to the way dark lipliners can be used to create a contoured look 


You don’t need a slick glossy solid color to make a statement. In fact, with just a subtle touch of sparkle, you can quickly give this shade a bewitching twist. 

Matte nails feel just as fall-ready as moody nail polish colors and can even be paired together to create an extra vampy look. If you consider yourself a manicure maximalist 

There’s something so satisfying about a fresh set of glossy, opaque nails – especially when they’re painted a rich burgundy.  

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