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10 Workouts for the Healthy Lifestyle

Balance exercises are a crucial component of a well-rounded workout programme.  Lunges accomplish this by encouraging functional mobility.


Give me 20 when you drop!  Because so many muscles are used, pushups are among the most straightforward yet efficient bodyweight exercises you can perform.


Squats improve hip and lower back flexibility as well as lower body and core strength.  They exert a significant amount of the body's main muscles, which results in a powerful calorie-burning effect.


Compound exercises, which make use of many joints and muscles, are ideal for people who lead hectic lives since they engage multiple body parts at once.

Standing overhead dumbbell presses

Dumbbell rows are another complex exercise that strengthens numerous muscles in your upper body in addition to giving your back a killer look in that dress.

Dumbbell rows

Another exercise that tests your balance is this one.  To accomplish this motion, grab a light to moderate dumbbell.

Single-leg deadlifts

Burpees are a whole-body workout that we all despise but are incredibly effective at building both aerobic endurance and muscle strength.


Don't overlook core-specific exercises like the side plank because a healthy body needs a strong core as its foundation.

Side planks

Planking stabilises your midsection without putting as much stress on your back as crunches or situps may.


The entire posterior chain is worked out by the glute bridge, which is not only healthy for you but also improves the appearance of your booty.

Glute bridge