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11 Tips For Letting Go Of A Toxic Friendship

It's normal to move on from a friend; friendships can end naturally. You'll lose people along the way as you grow.

Realize It's OK To Go Your Separate Ways

It is often helpful to focus on the healthy relationship we want to have, and ones that help us grow as a person.

Focus On Your Healthy Relationships

Forgive and move on" - Let go of bitterness towards a bad friend, advises Louise Jensen on MindBodyGreen.

Don't Stew In Your Bitterness

Don't wait for an apology from a bad friend. Move on and let it go, says Martinez.

Don't Wait For An Apology

Get support from loved ones during friendship breakups. Seek guidance from a coach, therapist, or grounded friend.

Gather The Help Of Other Friends

End contact with toxic friends and give yourself a chance to move on. Know you deserve better for healing to begin

Let Yourself Move On

Reflect on what you learned from a toxic friendship. It's okay to feel sad, but use it as a lesson to avoid such relationships.

Allow Yourself To Be Sad

Gradually reduce contact to end a friendship. Avoid contact as much as possible, and say you're busy until they take the hint and leave.

Have Less And Less Contact

End a friendship: gradually lessen contact or address them head on. Keep it brief and clean, state your point and move forward.

Keep Your Last Convo Brief

Writing a letter can be a good way to process feelings about ending a friendship. It allows for reflection and editing before sending.

Consider Writing Them A Letter

Reflect on the friendship to learn from it. As Burbach said, "Every friendship should teach us something that helps us be better people going forward."

Reflect On What You Learned