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10 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Makes at Italian Restaurants

Talking Loudly

Avoid talking too loudly in an Italian restaurant. Keep your voice at a moderate level to maintain a pleasant dining atmosphere.

Not Respecting Meal Courses

Italian meals are traditionally served in multiple courses. Don't rush through them; savor each dish.

Misusing Parmesan Cheese

Never add Parmesan to seafood-based dishes or use it on pizza with seafood toppings; it's considered a faux pas in Italy.

Cutting Spaghetti with a Knife

Twirl your spaghetti with a fork! Cutting it with a knife is a no-no in Italian dining.

Using Bread to Clean Plates

It's not customary to use bread to clean your plate of sauce. Instead, enjoy the bread as a side dish.

Leaving a Tip on the Table

Tipping in Italy isn't as common as in other countries. If you want to tip, leave it discreetly on the table.

Asking for Non-Italian Dishes

Italian restaurants take pride in their cuisine. Avoid asking for non-Italian dishes; embrace the authentic flavors.

Overloading on Garlic

While garlic is a staple in Italian cooking, overloading your dish with it might be overwhelming for others.

Eating a Large Plate of Pasta as a Main Course

In Italy, pasta is usually a first course (primo). Avoid ordering a huge plate as your main meal.

Using the Wrong Utensils

Follow the lead of locals or ask your server if you're unsure which utensils to use for each dish.

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