12 Love-Hardy Zodiac Signs


A Virgo is arguably the most self-sufficient sign. Relationships are also approached from an almost managerial perspective.


Scorpios don't know what they want. Their emotional state fluctuates like crazy, making them hard to read and subsequently, be with.


A Sagittarius is flighty, impulsive, and all over the place. The result is that whoever they're with won't get bored. On the other hand, it makes them hard to settle down.


Private, reserved Aquarians. Their nature is not to open up and let people in. Aquarius keep a distance from most people, making it hard to read them.


Capricorns are practical, efficient, and hardworking. They can be incredibly reliable and a star employee or co-worker, but they may approach every relationship like a business deal.


Geminis are indecisive and emotional. Despite the fact that they love deeply and trust fully in what they feel, to a certain extent it can be exhausting communicating with them.


Leos are dynamic and captivating. Lions are self-confident, independent, and confident. You should recognize that you'll never need a Leo if you're with one.


Active, energetic, and passionate, an Aries makes their partner their world. Their partners are everything to them. Friend, partner, shoulder to lean on.


Taurus is the most loyal sign. Tauruses are long-term romantics. A person who loves is completely devoted to them. There is no gray area in a Taurus' world.


Libras just want everyone to be happy and content. Everybody knows this, but especially people in love. Libras would do anything for their partners.


Pisces has the biggest loving, bleeding heart of the zodiac. They feel deeply, they're emotional, and they don't have any trouble expressing themselves to those they love. Pisces put everything on the table.


Cancers are the most nurturing, caring, and unconditionally loving zodiac signs. So patient, so forgiving. They're always there for you, day or night.