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10 benefits of an arranged marriage

Finding someone who can fall in love with you and consent to getting married is a task. 

No need to deal with dating pressures

If you don't instantly find your soul mate, falling in love is difficult on your knees and unhealthy for your heart.

You don’t have to deal with stressful breakups

In love marriages, you could find out after putting a lot of emotional energy into a relationship that your soulmate prefers to remain.

You can expect a greater commitment

One benefit of an arranged marriage is that your parents will worry about your future even while you are having fun as a single person.

Help you plan for the future

The ability to think logically and without emotion is by far the biggest benefit of an arranged marriage.

Logical decisions and impulsive

The fact that parents are considering pay and profession together with caste and skin colour will be tough for young Indians to accept.

Focus on Salary and profession

It is unlikely that you will learn that your father-in-law has a criminal history or that the children in the family you married into all have a congenital disorder.

Minimise nasty surprises

There is a propensity to accept the spouse for who they are given that two people deliberately choose to marry based on a reasonably thorough evaluation.

Greater incentive for adjustment

They ensure that you will receive financial assistance at some point in your post-marriage existence.

Greater financial support

You have the choice to ask for counsel or a shoulder to weep on when things in your married life become difficult.

Greater involvement of family in conflict resolution