5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Hard to Impress

Some zodiac signs proudly display their emotions. They fall deeply and quickly in love. Then there are those who adopt a more circumspect attitude.  

These are the signs of the zodiac that are flirtatious. They are aware of their value and refuse to settle for 

anyone who can't provide them with what they want in a partner. Or perhaps a failed relationship in the past has made them think that being difficult 

to get is always the better course of action. It takes more work to entice these indicators because it is difficult to get beyond their barriers.  

You'll have the chance to woo these five difficult-to-get zodiac signs only once you prove your worth.

what the other person genuinely wants, they control their emotions. The star sign has perfected the poker face, 


The souls of Sagittarius are free. A Sag desires nothing more than the ability to simply be. Being committed to someone is therefore the stuff of nightmares for them.  

2. Sagittariu

Aquarius is a rather solitary and antisocial sign. They simply don't want to interact with people, thus they enjoy living in their own bubble. But occasionally, despite their best attempts 

3. Aquariu

Scorpios struggle with trust, therefore it seems sense that they would put up a wall. Despite the fact that they may have many friends, the star sign only counts a small number of them as actual friends. 

4. Scorpio

Geminis are people-people. But, even being social has its share of challenges. Their zeal and friendliness are frequently misinterpreted for love.  

5. Gemini