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8 Surprising Benefits Of Being In A Long Distance Relationship

you have time to nurture other relationships that might not be prioritised otherwise.

Have time to focus on other relationships

It’s hard for someone far away to cheer you up or fix something in your day, so you build on your own self-sufficiency.

Forced to be more independent

The time you do get to spend with one another becomes altogether more precious, Thus you appreciate being together more.

The time you spend together is more memorable and meaningful

Long distance just won’t work unless you both really understand each other. You’ll learn to keep your partner happy even when you are apart.

both become experts in communication

For modern technology, as it’s possible to do all sorts of things to feel close to your partner despite the distance, it’s a pretty solid substitute.

get creative in how you spend time together

The feeling of urgency when you’re missing your partner can be pretty intense, so you end up learning to be an expert in the art of waiting.

It’s a practice in patience

Want to be with your partner & not being able to, it can be emotionally exhausting and grueling, but getting through it only makes relation stronger.

The knowledge that your relation can survive most things

When you can’t see each other, you find out whether it’s love or not. It can be a really worthwhile & special thing if it’s with the right person.

Find that serious about each other ?