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9 Post-Workout Foods That Help You Build Muscle

Tart cherry juice is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, and it has been shown to aid athletes' recovery after strenuous exercise.

Tart cherry juice

One large whole egg contains seven grammes of protein as well as a variety of other essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.


Yogurt and cottage cheese receive a lot of attention, but don't overlook this dairy product.


The fish does everything.  Credit its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which research shows can help your heart but may also help you recover from exercise.


Greek yoghurt has received all of the attention in recent years, while poor cottage cheese has fallen by the wayside.

Cottage cheese

Sorry, keto enthusiasts. Carbohydrates are your friend when it comes to post-workout recovery.

Sweet potatoes

Quality carbs, such as those found in whole-grain bread, go a long way towards replenishing your muscles.

Whole-grain bread

This potent little grain is an excellent addition to any diet, but it's especially beneficial for those on a gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian diet who want to increase their protein and fibre intake—high it's in both.


So, unless the jerky maker decides to coat their product in a sugary glaze, it's usually a high-protein, low-to-no carb snack.