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Negative Effects of Social Media on Relationships

The more involved we are online, the less involved we could become in our daily lives & this includes the time we invest into our closest relationships. 

1. Less Time for Loved Ones

Don't compare your relationship to others. People only show highlights, which can negatively impact your mood and view of your own relationship.

2. Comparing Other Relationships To Your Own

Beware of social media obsession. Checking partner's posts or stalking can lead to drama, fights, and breakups.

3. Social Media Obsession

Social media posts can harm body image by setting unrealistic standards. Comparisons may impact relationships and mental health.

4. Social Media Can Worsen Body Image 

Social media breeds suspicion & misinterpretations. Checking partner's account can cause misunderstandings in relationships.

5. Posts Could Cause Misunderstandings

Social media can worsen jealousy in relationships, leading to mistrust and misunderstandings. It's not the right tool for healthy communication.

6. Can Spark Jealousy

Posting a picture of your partner without asking crosses a boundary. What seems innocent to you can be misconstrued. Be mindful of social media.

7. Could Cross Boundaries

Social media addiction harms relationships. If you prioritize online interactions over face-to-face ones, you're likely dependent and disconnected.

8. It's a Distraction