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April 2023 Horoscope  Of All Zodiac Sign

Aquarius, this month's full moon in Libra brings introspection and exploration. Pluto in your sign means a big change is coming, so prepare for positive momentum.


Virgo, full moon in Libra puts focus on finances and personal resources. Take this time to bring in more abundance and evaluate your work position and compensation.


Scorpio, after a busy few months, it's time to rest and restore. Use the energy of the full moon in Libra to take a break and recharge your battery.


Gemini, your career takes center stage this month with Saturn's influence. You may have a reckoning and ask if this is really the right path for you.


Capricorn, work takes center stage with the full moon in Libra. You may question if your current job aligns with your long-term goals.


Aries, expect some introspection on values and relationships, but you'll move toward a more meaningful life.


 Libra! Get together with friends and celebrate. Partnerships are highlighted, business dealings may be top of mind, and it's time to reflect on your career.


Taurus, full moon in Libra on the 6th and new moon solar eclipse in Aries on the 20th bring career success and self-worth. Consider a change if unhappy.


Sagittarius, start the month with fun and friends, then shift focus to career. Trust your intuition and clarify your purpose for future success.


April is a juicy month for you, Leo! Communicate your wants and needs during the first two weeks. On the 20th, the new moon in Aries will bring a surge of fresh energy.


Cancer, you'll feel emotional during the full moon in Libra on the 6th. Focus on home and comfort. Taurus season brings career opportunities, so network and assert yourself.


Saturn in your sign means big changes for Pisces. Focus on career this month, with new moon in Aries highlighting finances. Expect surprises!