Best dog food brands according to experts


Constitutes an ideal treat for dogs as it provides 2.5 2x calcium & amp 9x vitamin B12, compared to humans. Provides strong bones & amp, teeth, strong muscles, and shinier & amp healthier coat

Purepet chicken and vegetable 

One of the cheap dog food brands available. Easily digestible, supports a healthy immune system, helps your dog be energetic and proactive all through the day.


In the absence of eggs, soy, red meat, dairy, the product has a low-fat content & high protein offerings & helps in smooth digestion

Canine greek all life stages club

Enriched with vitamins & minerals which promotes better immunity and health and helpful in developing a shiny coat akin and healthy also in brain and eye development, & promotes Joint Health.

Royal canin

 It has a healthy amount of protein and iron. Excellent for your dog’s stomach, heart, and skin, and rich in nutrients