Check Here ! What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Taste in Art

For you, the weirder, the better. The dreamy, bizarre compositions of acclaimed surrealist painters like Frida Kahlo are sure to resonate.

Scorpio: Surrealism

You proudly do things your own way like iconic 20th-century painters who pioneered the Cubism movement, including Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

Aquarius: Cubism

As you born under the earth sign, photography is a no-brainer. you recognize skill, attentiveness & dedication & construct extraordinary composition.

Capricorn: Photography

As a spirited Fire sign, you’ll naturally gravitate for bold outlines, vivid colors & emotive fig characteristic of this art movement from 1950 & ’60s.

Aries: Pop Art

You have luxurious taste, and your artistic preferences are no exception. Anything you can hold in your hands, really, will also resonate.

Taurus: Sculpture/ Pottery

You’re ruled by fast-moving Mercury, so the eclectic, textural look-and-feel of multimedia collage art perfectly suits your changeable vibe.

Gemini: Collage Art

As a lunar-ruled homebody, you prioritize comfort above, Weavings, tufted rugs, You’ll marvel at ,how ordinary textiles can be evocative works of art.

Cancer: Weavings/ Wall Hangings

Performance art, which includes an element of live performance and often makes a political or cultural statement, will command your attention.

Leo: Performance Art

You have a keen eye for detail, so you’ll appreciate the intricacy of this popular 19th-century style.

Virgo: Impressionism

Any mythological or religious iconography will pique your interest & soft tones, lush aesthetic of classic 15th & 16th century style will hit you.

Libra: Renaissance Art

You’re ruled by abundant, showy Jupiter, so you’ll feel right at home among the ornate, highly stylized aesthetic of early 20th-century movement.

Sagittarius: Art Deco

As a mutable Water sign, you appreciate fluid forms of creativity. Abstract art, perfectly suits your imaginative, unbounded nature.

Pisces: Abstract Art