Your State's Tastiest Chicken Wings

Classic American-style lunch spot Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant absolutely nails its hot wing recipe, with the crispiest chicken you’ve ever eaten tossed in a lip-smacking savory,

If you want tender wings, where the bone slides straight out the flesh, family-run Valley Wings is the spot. Here, wings are cooked to perfection and tossed in tantalizing sauces and seasonings

There are so many options for great chicken wings in California, but San Francisco's San Tung steals the crown. The Chinese restuarant's original dry fried chicken wings


Denver's Fire on the Mountain, which has locations in Washington Park and Highlands, attracts customers from all over for its high-quality chicken wings

An atmospheric pub with great cocktails, The Crooked Hammock Brewery has locations in Lewes, Middletown, and North Myrtle Beach, and serves up a novel, delicious take on chicken wings

The best wings in Georgia can be found at The Wing Bar, an Atlanta joint set up by two friends in 2017. Always on point, they’re crunchy on the outside and sauced to perfection

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