Most Common New Dog Owner Mistakes

Once an adorable dog locks eyes with you, it can be hard to turn away. After all, puppy eyes have their powerful reputation for a very good reason. 

Knowing what that purpose is will help you to create the happiest life for both you and your dog. Because of that, you need to know which pups might be best for your lifestyle and living situation. 

Arm yourself with knowledge so when you do finally lock eyes with your forever friend, you’ll know how to make sure they are (and in turn you are) the happiest. 

Even though it can be difficult to say “No” to a big set of doe-eyes and floppy ears, it’s essential that you set down the proper rules and expectations for your dog. 


Puppies tend to live more extreme lives than the rest of us. They’re often extremely friendly, always extremely floppy, can be extremely skittish, and basically define what it is to be extremely adorable. 

As they grow, those extremes can transform in all sorts of ways — except, of course, the extremely adorable because they retain that forever. 

Adapting and embracing all the personality changes in your dog as they come about will allow you to simply grow with your pup.  

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