Demystify That Whole 'Seasonal Cooking' Thing With These  Guidelines

Start by Thinking Local

By focusing on locally-grown food, you don't have to navigate seasonality, that just falls into place naturally.

Preserve Whenever Possible

When you're up to your knees in peas and you can't possibly eat another green bean, it's time to get canning, pickling, and freezing.

Stock Up on All-Season Staples

At least part of year means either buying from faraway lands/going without locally-grown produce. Power the worst months with a well-stocked pantry.

Doctor Up Preserved Ingredients

The key to making canned and pickled ingredients more palatable is to gussy them up with really awesome add-ins.

Cut Yourself a Break, Already

consider a handful of ingredients and squash, to be must-have staples, regardless of whether they're in season or not.