Most Cuddly Dog Breeds

Pug For some, pugs are ideal. “Puggs love their owners and are needy, demanding attention almost constantly. 

Follow you around and want to lay on the bed or in your lap—anywhere near you. They love belly rubs, kisses, and hugs and are the perfect pet for a boost. 

Labrador Retriever Our sources regularly recommend Labrador Retrievers as the best all-around dog breed. “See that little face! Labs (black, yellow, and chocolate, all equally cute, so good luck not coming home with all three) 

Labradors are known for their sensitive and affectionate nature, They’re great with other pets and children, and thrive when they feel like a member of the family 


Great Dane The most popular giant dog breed is also known for its devotion. “Originally called the gentle giant, they love cuddling with loved ones and don't like being alone.

Golden Retriever Love muffins, golden retrievers. The golden retriever is a popular breed in the US because it is affectionate, calm, fun-loving, and smart. They are popular household pets. 

English Bulldogs Some say bulldogs are affectionate. “The English bulldog is another good-natured lug. Natural sweetness, docility, and gentleness characterize them. 

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