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Dog Photography Tips for Capturing Canine Images

By making dogs sessions a positive & fun experience, they’ll see their photo session as an adventure and reward you with big smiles and cheerful energy.

Relax and have fun

Taking the time to plan your shoot and the images you can see in your mind’s eye is useful. Think about what you want from your subject.

Plan your shot list

Be creative and try to photograph from different perspectives, angles, and vantage points. Sometimes most interesting images are off-centre.

Change perspectives

Planning not only where to shoot in good light, but also what time of the day provides the best light, will greatly assist with the exposure of your pets.

Get the right light

Once animals are your friend, they’ll do anything for you – especially dogs, as their listening increases and their will to please kicks in.

Relate to your subject

Each eye movement reflects their feelings at that moment in time. Focussing on the eyes will help your viewer have an immediate connection to your dog.

Focus on the eyes

Once you decide which motivator your subject (pet) will respond to the best, use that to get his attention.

Offer toys and treats

Waiting for a perfect split-second photo opportunity requires anticipation and timing.


It’s a crucial factor when taking portraits of your dog. Repeating movements and words calmly and gently creates a chilled atmosphere for your pet.

Be patient