Each Zodiac Sign's Dream House Looks Like

When it comes to home aesthetics, Aries are easy to please. According to Gerdes, all Aries need in order to be happy is space to run around and a home gym.

Taureans love to live in the lap of luxury, which means the earth sign’s dream home is nothing short of dramatic, elegant, and timeless.

Sociable Gemini needs a place where they can gather everyone they know and slip from conversation to conversation, like a stylish city loft.


As the maternal sign of the zodiac, Cancers dream of having a cozy cottage with lots of charm in a tiny town with historical significance.

Leo’s likely picture themselves living in the most Instagrammable mansion in Los Angeles, with a view of the water, the city, and the mountains. Dream big, dear Leo.

As one of the signs that values their alone time, it makes sense that Virgos dream of living in a cabin in the woods, “surrounded by their garden with herbs for clipping,” per Gerdes.

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