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Here Are 9 Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

Join book clubs to meet people. Check local library, bookstore, Meetup, social media or internet search.

Book clubs

Joining adult sports teams/clubs can improve social and physical health. Examples: softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, bowling.

Sports leagues

Connect through games like D&D or Magic. Find local events or groups at game stores or community centers.

Gaming groups

Find classes at community centers or stores. Learn photography, art, cooking, or woodworking. Search online for local courses.

Adult education classes

Use platonic friendship apps to meet people. Examples include Bumble BFF or Nextdoor.

Friendship apps

Connect with other parents through playgroups, PTA, or school activities to build friendships.

Parenting groups

Connect with other older adults by searching online for senior community groups in your area or visiting local community centers.

Senior centers

Churches offer community activities for religious groups. Check your local church or search online for options.

Churches or spiritual groups

Volunteering offers social connections. Join a cause that you care about like food banks, pet shelters, political and social groups.