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Trends of technology is changing healthcare

AI revolutionizes healthcare: Atomwise and Google's DeerMind design treatment plans, develop drugs and diagnose cancerous tissue samples.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

VR is changing healthcare, from training surgeons to pain management. Companies like Osso VR and ImmersiveTouch lead the way.

Virtual Reality (VR)

AR is the future of healthcare. Magic Leap develops mixed reality headsets with XRHealth and Brainlab

Augmented Reality (AR)

Wearables, health trackers & sensors empower patients to take control of their health & track progress remotely, providing informed decisions.

Healthcare trackers, wearables, and sensors

Healthcare technologies are advancing towards an all-powerful device that can diagnose all diseases. Viatom CheckMe Pro, MedWand, and BioSticker are some examples.

Medical tricorder

Genome sequencing costs drop, allowing $100 genome sequencing. Cheaper genetic testing offers personalized diets, drug sensitivities, medical conditions, and prevention.

Genome sequencing

AI drug development and in silico trials transform pharmaceuticals. Companies like Deep Genomics,Turbine develop drugs at a fraction of cost and time.

Revolutionizing drug development

Nanotech revolutionizes healthcare with smart pills, patches, and electronic pills, with future potential for biopsy and nano-surgery.


Medicine is being transformed by robotics, from exoskeletons to surgical and pharmabotic robots. They aid nursing, assist patients, and treat mental health issues.


3D-printing offers wonders in healthcare with blood vessels, bio tissues, prosthetics, and FDA-approved drugs. Polypills can help patients stick to therapeutic plans.