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How to communicate in a Relationship ?

Improve communication by admitting disconnection. Rekindle connection with partner, inspire them to reciprocate. Give, not take.

1. Commit to true connection

Different communication styles exist, learn partner's. Communication cues vary, know how to effectively convey. Trust and intimacy are key.

2. Identify your communication styles

Fundamental human needs shape communication. Discover your partner's order of certainty, variety, significance, love, growth, and contribution.

3. Discover the 6 human needs 

Strong relationships have polarity. Masculine and feminine energies each have 3 needs. Fulfilling your partner's needs improves communication.

4. Learn 3 keys to passion & intimmacy 

Listen deeply to your partner to know if their needs are met. Communication is more than talking, it's about listening.

5. Determine if your partner's needs are being met 

Be honest and open, express needs clearly. Avoiding conflict leads to erosion of happiness and intimacy.

6. Be honest and open

Improve communication by being present for your partner. Dedicate 100% attention to truly understand them. Build intimacy through hard times.

7. Be honest in your relationship 

Improve communication by focusing on the present, not past. Use open body language and show love and support.

8. Let things go

Improve communication by modulating pitch, pace, volume & timbre. Avoid hostility & sarcasm. Use humor to break patterns & regain perspective.

9. Break negative patterns

Be aware of negative patterns during arguments to avoid destructive communication in relationships.

10. Start over