I sampled the biggest burgers from five fast-food chains, and my favorite tasted like it was freshly grilled.

Shake Shack's double cheeseburger, my personal least favorite, was particularly large.

The burger patties were perfectly crispy on the outside and covered in gooey melted cheese.

Biting into the Shake Shack burger was a little overwhelming, in my opinion.

My second-to-least favorite burger was a classic: a McDonald's Big Mac.

I also tried McDonald's Double Quarter-Pounder with cheese. I preferred it over the Big Mac.

The second-best burger I tried was Wendy's Dave's Triple.

I thought this burger had a ton of flavor. The cheese was perfectly melted, and the patties were super juicy.

My favorite burger I tried was the Triple Whopper with cheese from Burger King.

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