Make Homemade Garlic Bread Without Melted Butter

You can achieve great-tasting garlic bread by using any of the many melted butter substitutes -- one of which is olive oil.

Just before cooking the bread, coat it with a little olive oil so that your garlic bread comes out moist and tender.

You can also swap the melted butter for a great Italian cheese such as the piquant Pecorino or the fruity and zesty Taleggio,

And sprinkle it on your garlic bread before roasting so it melts deliciously.

Unlike butter, margarine doesn't contain any animal fats and it's made from plant-based oils. 

You can also replace your melted butter by spreading a light layer of mayonnaise on your garlic bread, which will impart a tart and tangy flavor.

Adding spicy sauce to garlic bread, so experiment with your favorite ingredients.