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 Netflix character from "You" for each sign of the zodiac.

Which You character best represents your star sign? Find out by swiping on:

Aries: You’re Ellie Alvarez The youthful and impressionable Ellie Alvarez, an Aries at heart, dominates every scene with her creative fervour and drive for directness.

 Taurus: You’re Sherry Conrad Sherry, the "Momfluencer" of Madre Linda, is ruled by Venus, prioritizes luxury and materialism, and uses her status to maintain her elite social circle as a Taurus.

Gemini: You’re Lady Phoebe From the time we first meet her, Lady Phoebe exudes the bright and vivacious spirit of a Gemini.

Cancer: You’re Forty Quinn

Forty is a Cancer due to his sensitivity, artistic nature, and kind intentions. Although he may come off as helpless and a "mama's boy,

Leo: You’re Peach Salinger Peach throws party for self, loves being center of attention. Flamboyant and attention-seeking nature on display. only a leo can do that

Virgo: You’re Marienne Bellamy

Marienne, a sharp and educated character, is a Virgo. Her intensity shows while working as a librarian at Madre Linda, evident by her furrowed brow.

Libra: You’re Candace Stone

Justice is all Candace Stone can think about. Literally, Libra is the sign of the zodiac that governs justice, putting wrongs right, and keeping the scales in balance.

Scorpio: You’re Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg embodies the positive and negative traits of a Scorpio. Passionate, intuitive, complex thinker, and romantic, but also has negative traits.

Sagittarius: You’re Guinevere Beck

Guinevere Beck is a dedicated student of writing who also happens to be a hopeless romantic. I think we can all agree that she is fundamentally a Sag!

Capricorn: You’re Kate Galvin

Kate, with her father's guidance, exudes a Capricorn's no-nonsense composure and determination to get what she wants despite her fortune.

Aquarius: You’re Rhys Montrose

Rhys, an Aquarius, befriends the elite while planning their demise. His zodiac sign explains the motive, not the fact that he is a killer.

Pisces: You’re Love Quinn

Love, a typical Pisces, fell for Joe at first sight, as they tend to do. Pisces tend to dream big, preferring possibilities over realities.