Romantic Zodiac Sign? Who's Sweetest?

Aries personality, you’re not one of the most romantic signs unless you’re trying to attract someone. But once you’ve got that person under your charm, you can be guilty of forgetting about romance completely

Taurus, you're passionate and enjoy to walk in the countryside with your spouse. What's better than love, a picnic, and a fantastic view? In winter, you'll love snuggling up

Gemini personality, you can be a little highbrow and don’t care too much for romance as you sometimes doubt its sincerity.


Leo personality, you like to feel surrounded by romance in art and language, but it must be sincere, you hate the thought of romance that is just there for the sake of it

Virgo personality, you don’t need all the drama of romance to feel content, a good relationship and good conversation is enough for you. For you, romance should be there in the small

Scorpio personality, you’re incredibly romantic with your other half when it comes to big acts of love, such as dying for one or other or crimes of passion.

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