Best Sandwich in Every State

There's a sandwich out there for everyone: panini, sub, grilled cheese, BLT—you name it! As a crowd favorite, this lunch staple has been perfected to an art form.

Decatur’s “Big Bob” Gibson to make a barbecue sauce with mayonnaise and vinegar, but we do know it’s great on hickory-smoked chicken

The Last Frontier is also one of the last places where wild salmon thrive, and Alaskans turn their surplus into a sandwich spread by mixing it with mayo, celery, and onion


The toppings are far less important than the shell of Navajo fry bread, a cornerstone of Native American cuisine and culture but also a painful reminder of persecution

Two Los Angeles eateries, Philippe’s and Cole’s, each claim to be the birthplace of this baguette sandwich with roast beef. The whole shebang then gets dunked in the beef’s jus

Fresh clams collected along the Connecticut coast star in several New England dishes. Frying them up for a sandwich with a splash of tartar sauce might just be the simplest.

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