Secret Ingredient to Making Jarred Pasta Sauce Taste Italian

The incredibly simple, yet shockingly flavorful tomato sauce only calls for 4 ingredients: canned tomatoes, butter, 1/2 of an onion and salt.

This means that the taste of the sauce hinges on each and every one of the ingredients—especially the butter.

Similar to creamy sauces like Alfredo, or meaty sauces like ragu, tomato sauce is naturally low in fat, and as a result,

Sometimes becomes too thick and too starchy when it's been tossed with pasta.

The addition of butter helps to loosen and emulsify the sauce, making it smooth and creamy.

Butter is also important in jarred sauce. Because tomato sauce is naturally acidic, most store-bought tomato sauces taste harsh and abrasive.

The addition of butter really rounds out the flavor of the sauce and helps to temper the acidity.