Pisces: July 27 daily horoscope

Today, your attention seems to jump from one difficulty to the next without solving any of them. Today is not for problem-solving.

Research, inquiries, and facts are superior. Keep communication open and don't force anyone to answer.

Want a promotion or raise? If so, expect good news today! Expect genuine congratulations and excitement.

Today, your neighborhood may have a big party. You may see some old pals and enjoy catching up.

Electronic equipment that seems completely broken may teach you how to fix it.

Frustration and impatience may prevent you from calling a repairman.

Get weird today. Today, energy and knowledge are rushing at you.

We adore our pets, but science shows they can disrupt sleep. If you can't get rid of Fido, buy a little pet bed to keep him from waking you up at night. 

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