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Top 10 Signs That Your Relationship is Failing

A review of 43 studies identified 10 variables that consistently predict relationship quality.

Feeling secure about your partner's commitment to the relationship provides stability, while doubts about their dedication can harm the relationship.

No Commitment

Mutual appreciation and feeling fortunate to be with each other are crucial for healthy relationships.

Lack Of Appreciation

Sexual satisfaction is essential for relationship quality. Research suggests that the quality of sex is a stronger predictor of relationship satisfaction. 

Low Sexual Satisfaction

Knowing that your partner is happy in the relationship is a great feeling, but when they seem unhappy, it can raise concerns about the relationship's health and future.


Frequent conflicts with your partner can quickly drain the joy from your relationship, and it's not something that most people enjoy.

Frequent Conflicts

A responsive partner understands and respects your thoughts and feelings, even when they don't agree with you.

An Unresponsive Partner

If you’re unhappy in general, you’ll tend to see your romantic relationship in a more negative light.

Dissatisfaction with life

Depression is linked to lower relationship quality, and bad relationships can contribute to depression.


Negative emotions such as anger and irritability are linked to lower relationship quality.

Negative affect

Anxious and avoidant attachment styles are both linked to poor relationship quality. People with anxious attachment worry about their partner leaving them.

Attachment style