10 Best Vegetarian Dishes In the World

Youtiao – China

These are deep fried breadsticks. They are soft, slightly salted, and delicious and are served as an accompaniment for soy milk or rice congee.

Bolon de Verde – Ecuador

It is a big ball of fried plantain filled with fresh cheese. People generally eat it for breakfast

Tartiflette au Reblochon – France

 Tartiflette au Reblochon is a very simple preparation made with potatoes, onions, reblochon cheese, spices, and white wine.

Gado Gado – Indonesia

It is basically a combination of potatoes, lontong cubes, tofu, hard-boiled egg, green beans, and carrots topped with delicious peanut sauce. On top of it is served krupuk which is fried crispy crackers.

Masala Dosa – India

It is quite like a crepe but made of black lentils & fermented rice batter. Curried peas & potatoes lie hidden inside the dosa. it is served with various dips – chutneys & sambar

Pesto Trofie – Italy

A long strip of pasta is rolled and the string is then cut into small pieces. It is made using crushed basil, salt, parmesan cheese and garlic and then a generous amount of olive oil is added to mix it with the pasta.

Doenjang Jjigae – South Korea

Jjigae is a term used for stews. It is basically a soybean paste broth ideal for winters and is light and yummy. Mushrooms, bean sprouts, and tofu are added.

Vegetable momos and Dal Bhat – Nepal

 Dal is a yellow lentil soup and Bhat is boiled rice. Momos are a type of dumplings which can either be steamed or fried.

Vegetarian Tam Ponlamai – Thailand

This is a combination of fruits, usually rose apple, guava, watermelon, and dragon fruit is diced up and then dressed in lime juice, chilies, soy sauce, and peanuts.

Vinegret – Ukraine

Vinegret is a delicious salad made of potatoes, beetroots, chopped onions, carrots, brined pickles, and sauerkraut.