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The Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations, That Your Dogs will love

This waterfront city is tucked in a postcard-worthy setting on the shore of Puget Sound, full of dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and activities.

Seattle, Washington

If you’d expect for a place in tune with Mother Nature for pets, So here are many venues across the city.

Sedona, Arizona

Colorado Springs gives you the best of all worlds, whether you and your dog want a city outing, an escape to the mountains or some combination of both.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lake Placid has plenty of places that are dog-friendly, making it an ideal destination for pups and parents in search of scenery and serenity.

Lake Placid, New York

The Windy City offers a vibrant cultural vacation with your dog. Chicago is among the most welcoming cities in the country for furry friends.

Chicago, Illinois

Paired with a beach, a long list of dog-friendly restaurants, tours, hotels, St. Augustine is perfect for some fun in the sun for you and your dog.

St. Augustine, Florida

If your idea of a good vacation is kicking back at a resort and watching the waves roll in with your dog napping by your side, this is your destination.

Dana Point, California

If you want a laid-back coastal vacation that doesn’t skimp on the amenities for you or your dog, this destination checks all your boxes.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

With over 30 dog-friendly walking tours, variety of dog-friendly parks, historic sites, dining, this town extends its “Brotherly Love” to pups and people alike.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this tourist town boasts a wealth of activities that welcome dogs, so there’s truly something for every member of the family, furry or not, to enjoy here.

South Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada