The most honest zodiac signs, ranked from best to worst


This fire sign has no qualms about shining a light on the truth—often quite bluntly. An Aries, driven by the ram, does not believe in holding back. A word of caution: if you're looking for someone to tell you that your favourite pair of college jeans still make your legs look amazing, you might want to reconsider your ability to handle the truth.

This earth sign values stability, even if it means skirting the truth to avoid upsetting others. A Taurean, who is naturally averse to conflict, is the first to apologise in a fight, even if they are secretly annoyed that you didn't notice their mutinous silences sooner.


Cancer, who is intense and passionate, may appear aloof to the outside world, but as you get closer, their shield will begin to unravel. But, until you arrive, keep the FBI task force on speed dial to decrypt their monosyllable texts.


This fire sign, symbolised by the lion, fears nothing—not even being caught at the grocery store seconds after uploading a concert selfie. Their approach to the truth is "ask and you shall receive," and if you never think to ask, they will gladly let you live in the dark.


Virgos are straight shooters who don't like to complicate their lives with messy half-truths and white lies. Their detail-oriented minds have no trouble calibrating the world around them, and they don't mind telling you the harsh truth now if it means saving you trouble later.


Despite being represented by the symbol of balance, Libra is easily influenced by others, which means that their scales may tip in favour of whoever they are crushing on this week. Don't be surprised if they poll the world's opinion before deciding where they stand.


There are several ways to tell someone the truth, and the fact that Scorpio chooses to rip off the bandaid in one stinging motion isn't something to be ashamed of.


Did a Pisces simply lie, or did they also convince themselves of the fairytale they were spinning? Pisces, who is whimsical and imaginative, belongs to the dreamers rather than the doers.