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The most intelligent zodiac signs that you should know

It's the most intelligent sign. Beyond just mere bookish knowledge, known for analytical skills & knack for seeing things that others tend to miss.

1. Aquarius

Blessed with an annoyingly infallible sense of logic and practicality, which, coupled with their unerring eye for detail, makes them sharp as a tack. 

2. Virgo

Intense and passionate. An expert at reading people & seeing through pretences, nothing that can get their brain juices flowing.

3. Scorpio

Not just a pretty face, this one! Gemini may have a well-earned reputation. Also quick on their feet when it comes to processing complex information. 

4. Gemini

Practical and disciplined. In personal sphere, you may find yourself dialling a Capricorn when need someone to give the truth sans the sugar coating. 

5. Capricorn

Street smarts are complimented by a razor-sharp wit that they are willing to dole out in liberal doses for anyone who runs afoul of their short fuse.

6. Aries

They are unsurprisingly balanced & objective in viewpoint on the world. Take challenges in a thought-out manner, rather than makingimpulse decisions. 

7. Libra

Intelligence comes in different forms, Taureans are known for their emotional savvy which is equal parts self-awareness & see what others don’t show. 

8. Taurus

Sagittarian is always keen on expanding their horizons and looking to inform themselves about newer places, cultures and lifestyles. 

9. Sagittarius

It doesn’t matter what a Leo does/doesn't know. As natural leaders, they are adept at putting forth a confident facade that isn’t easy to pick apart.

10. Leo

If Cancer isn’t ranking higher on this list, It just that their compassionate nature simply means that emotions can tend to cloud their judgement.

11. Cancer

Can refer it as “not the sharpest knife in the drawer” but their imagination is a whimsical, magical place where they can construct an  universe. 

12. Pisces