American coastal cuisine's greatest seafood

Lobster:  American coastal cuisine, particularly New England, features lobster. It's usually boiled and eaten with melted butter, but it may also be made into rolls or bisques.

Clams In coastal places like New England, clams are cooked and eaten with drawn butter or in clam chowder.

Oysters:  Another popular seafood, oysters are eaten raw on the half-shell or fried in po' boy sandwiches. They are particularly well-liked throughout the Gulf Coast states.

Crab Crab cakes, cooked crabs, and crab legs are all ways to consume crab. Maryland-style crab cakes are popular throughout Maryland.


Shrimp You can get this tasty seafood on restaurants all along the coast. As an appetizer or in meals like shrimp and grits, it is often prepared by boiling or frying.

Mahi Mahi:  Hawaiian and Pacific's coastal restaurants serve this seafood. It's a gentle white fish that's grilled or pan-seared and served with tropical salsas.

Salmon Grilled or smoked salmon is a Pacific Northwest favorite, eaten with rice and roasted veggies.

Tuna Another coastal fish, tuna is commonly eaten raw as sushi or grilled as a main meal. It's well-embraced in Hawaii.

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Grouper Grouper is popular in Florida and the Gulf Coast. It may be a side dish when grilled or blackened, or a main entrée when fried.

Cod New England coastal cuisine typically uses cod in fish and chips, fried or baked. The tartar sauce and lemon go particularly well with this delicate white fish.