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The Smartest Cat Breeds

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A small to medium-sized breed, and is considered to be the smartest cat in the world. These are highly intelligent  inquisitive & well-known for their desire to explore. 


Cat known for its rambunctiousness, intelligence, and curiosity. Despite their large size It is also quite athletic and requires daily exercise.


A medium-sized breed of cat known for its intelligence, learning capacity, and gentleness. Raches weights of nearly 12-pounds, and comes in a variety of colors

Cornish Rex

It is referred to as the “Greyhound” of the feline world, due to their sleek bodies, and natural speed & known for its intelligence, playfulness, and curiosity. 

Scottish Fold

A medium-sized breed that comes in a variety of colors & known for their folded ears, friendliness, and playfulness. Reaching nearly 13-pounds at full maturity.


A highly intelligent breed of cat known for its small size, playfulness, and friendly demeanor. Reaches only 6 to 8 pounds at full maturity, and usually maintains a sepia color described as dark brown with ivory green.

Japanese Bobtail

A  medium-sized breed comes in a wide array of colors & known for its short tail, gentleness, and intelligence. Reaching upwards of 9-pounds when fully matured. Capable of living nearly fifteen years. 


Highly intelligent breed known for its long hair, rounded face, and friendly (yet quiet) demeanor.


A slim breed known for its affection, intelligence, and social nature, distinctive head and face, short hair, blue eyes, pale body.

Turkish Angora

A medium-sized breed known for its long fur, silky coat, and predominantly white coloration. known for its affectionate nature, adaptability, and high level of energy & natural ability to bond with humans.