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The Top Ten Books on Relationships

Relationship books offer guidance and perspective for couples, regardless of their stage or relationship status, to live their best life together.

This book delves into how marriage has evolved alongside society from 1620 to the present. It offers data-driven "lovehacks" for getting the most out of your relationship.

The All-or-Nothing Marriage

This book explains the five love languages and how recognizing what makes your partner feel loved can deepen your relationship.

The 5 Love Languages

Written by renowned therapist Esther Perel, this book is a guide to balancing the paradox of domestic life and sexual attraction.

Mating in Captivity

This 30-day guide offers actionable and humorous tips for improving relationships. It includes a progress tracker to help you stay accountable.

Listen, Learn, Love

This book explores attachment theory and how it affects the relationships we seek and their success.


This book, written by a leading marriage expert, provides a roadmap for functioning marriages.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

This book helps you identify the type of love you seek, regardless of your current relationship status.

Loving Bravely

This book examines why people carrying the world's emotional labor are collapsing, and offers insights on how society got here and where to go next.

Fed Up

This book is a must-read for navigating the LGBTQ+ experience, offering advice, debunking stereotypes, erasing myths etc.

Ask a Queer Chick

Memoir on ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, & open relationships. Features interviews with experts and those in such relationships. Fun and insightful read