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The Zodiac Signs with the Greatest IQs.

Aquarius is the most intelligent zodiac sign, known for their analytical abilities and attention to detail beyond just academic knowledge.


Virgos are perfectionists with a sharp sense of logic and practicality, coupled with an unerring eye for detail, making them sharp as a tack.


Scorpios are intense, passionate and expert at reading people. They love solving mysteries and are the go-to contact to find out if your ex is seeing someone new.


Gemini is not just a pretty face and social butterfly; they are also quick at processing complex information.


Capricorns' practical and disciplined approach to troubleshooting makes them an asset in the workplace. They are also known for giving honest advice.


Aries have street smarts and a razor-sharp wit, which they are willing to use liberally for anyone who crosses their short fuse.


Libras, symbolized by the scales, are balanced and objective in their viewpoints, responding to challenges thoughtfully instead of making impulsive decisions.


Taureans are emotionally savvy with self-awareness and empathy, making them equally good at understanding their own emotions and seeing what others don't show.  


Sagittarians are not airheads; they are free-spirited and always eager to expand their horizons by learning about new places, cultures, and lifestyles.


Leos are natural leaders and masters of putting forth a confident facade that is difficult to pick apart.


Cancers' compassionate nature can cloud their judgement, but it doesn't mean they are deficient in smartness.


Pisces' imagination is a whimsical, magical place, and they can construct entire universes.  Although they might be slow to get a joke, it doesn't make them unintelligent.