These Dog Breeds Show Canines Are Smart

If you're not prepared for the frustrations of having an uneducated dog, don't bring one home simply because it's cute. 

Check out these smart dog breeds if intelligence is important. Read on. This pup finds the badger, corners it, and runs back to tell his owner where it is.

Jack Russell Terriers are small bundles of energy ready to work. These swift and daring fox hunters hunt badgers easily.


Smart, patient, and dedicated Chinooks make great family dogs. Chinooks, rough carrying dogs, are good with kids and people. 

New England-bred dogs are now rare. One of the rarest AKC dogs.Barbets are smart, agile French waterdogs. 

 Barbets need a happy training environment to maximize these qualities. This makes them loyal and kind to other dogs and people.

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