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Tips for Cats and Dogs living together

Just raising them together is one of the best methods to encourage cat and dog coexistence.  Because puppies are less self-assured and easier to train than dogs.

Raise them together

To prevent fights, introduce the pets' bedding and toys first. Encourage curiosity with familiar scents and discourage exploration while another pet is around.

Introduce their items before doing introductions

Introduce pets in a safe area to prevent territorial conflict. Make the initial meeting at a friend's residence.

Introduce in neutral territory

Feeding them on opposite side of a closed door is a gentle way to introduce pets.  Remove barriers before feeding your dog in the same room while on a leash.

Take the instructions slowly

When meeting a new housemate, provide goodies to pets to encourage good conduct.  It encourages excellent behaviour and forges favourable associations.

Use treats to create a positive association

When introducing pets, make sure your cat has a special area of the house where she can retreat to for solace and relaxation.  In compact dwellings, make use of vertical space for cats.

Give your cat its own territory

Observe the first interactions between dogs and cats to make sure everyone is content.  When alone, keep them apart or use a baby gate or kennel.

Start with supervised time together

Provide equal access to toys, treats, and attention for both cats and dogs to preserve a positive connection.

Keep things equal

Make sure your dog is familiar with the fundamental commands.  To establish a pleasant association, be upbeat and keep the conversation relaxed.

Train your dog well

Pets, especially those with litter boxes and feeding dishes like cats and dogs, need their own private space.  Conflict and tension are decreased by separating them.

Separate their things