5 Tips That Will Help You In Developing a Better Relationship with Food

Give yourself unconditional permission to eat

When you create rules, can/can’t eat, you’re setting yourself up for hunger, feelings of deprivation, fear of food, So allow yourself unconditional permission to eat.

Eat when you’re hungry

The closer you can get back to listening to your natural hunger cues, the better you can regulate your appetite and manage your food intake.

Practice mindful eating

When you eat mindfully, you’re eating free of other distractions. Rather, you take time to make gentle observations, how your hunger cues change.

Welcome all foods in your diet

Start viewing all foods as equal, with no food being better or worse than another.Then over time, you won’t feel the need to overeat it when it’s around.

Mind your plate

Many people give explanation for food choices, Instead of giving a reason, allow yourself to eat food that you feel is best for you at that moment.

Enjoy your food and plan meals

Plan meals that include foods you like and include recipes you’re excited to try.